An Elixir implementation of EIP-4361: Sign In With Ethereum.

Getting Started

  • The Elixir implementation of Sign-In with Ethereum can be found here:

Sign-In with Ethereum can be installed as a hex. For more information and package information, click here


The package can be installed by adding siwe to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
    {:siwe, "~> 0.3"}


To see how this works in iex, clone this repository and from the root run:

$ mix deps.get

Then create two files message.txt:

login.xyz wants you to sign in with your Ethereum account:

With Ethereum Example Statement

URI: https://login.xyz
Version: 1
Chain ID: 1
Nonce: ToTaLLyRanDOM
Issued At: 2021-12-17T00:38:39.834Z



then run

$ iex -S mix

Once in iex, you can then run the following to see the result:

iex> {:ok, msg} = File.read("./message.txt")
iex> {:ok, sig} = File.read("./signature.txt")
iex> Siwe.parse_if_valid(String.trim(msg), String.trim(sig))
{:ok, %{
  __struct__: Siwe,
  address: "0xfA151B5453CE69ABf60f0dbdE71F6C9C5868800E",
  chain_id: "1",
  domain: "login.xyz",
  expiration_time: nil,
  issued_at: "2021-12-17T00:38:39.834Z",
  nonce: "ToTaLLyRanDOM",
  not_before: nil,
  request_id: nil,
  resources: [],
  statement: "Sign-In With Ethereum Example Statement",
  uri: "https://login.xyz",
  version: "1"

Any valid SIWE message and signature pair can be substituted.The functions described below can also be tested with msg, sig, or a value set to the result Siwe.parse_if_valid.

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