v2.0 Beta

TypeScript v2.0 beta
This version is currently in beta and can be installed by using [email protected]instead of siwe

Differences Present in v2.0

The function validate(sig, provider) is now deprecated and will be replaced by verify(VerifyParams, VerifyOpts). These two new parameters accept the following fields:
export interface VerifyParams {
/** Signature of the message signed by the wallet */
signature: string;
/** RFC 4501 dns authority that is requesting the signing. */
domain?: string;
/** Randomized token used to prevent replay attacks, at least 8 alphanumeric characters. */
nonce?: string;
/**ISO 8601 datetime string of the current time. */
time?: string;
export interface VerifyOpts {
/** ethers provider to be used for EIP-1271 validation */
provider?: providers.Provider;
/** If the library should reject promises on errors, defaults to false */
suppressExceptions?: boolean;
To make transitioning easier, the previous validate(sig, provider) function was mapped to verify({ signature: sig }, { provider: provider }) . Migrating is advised since the function may eventually be removed.
The new function makes it easier to match fields automatically - like domain, nonce and match against other TimeDate instead of now (time).
The return type was also modified. It now returns a SiweResponse instead of a SiweMessage, and this new object is defined by the following interface:
export interface SiweResponse {
/** Boolean representing if the message was verified with success. */
success: boolean;
/** If present `success` MUST be false and will provide extra information on the failure reason. */
error?: SiweError;
/** Original message that was verified. */
data: SiweMessage;
As part of the new API, new error types were also introduced to further clarify when a message fails verification. These errors are defined at:
More information regarding the rationale behind the API Harmonization and TypeScript v2.0 beta release can be found here: